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Wh Question Words – Whose| What’s| Or Where’s ?

WH question words are words that we use to ask people certain types of questions. We use them in interrogative sentences. We call it WH questions because they include the letter WH like what , who , why , etc. Each type of WH question word has a certain function.

They also have a certain answer that depend on the context of sentences. It is not difficult to use them in interrogative sentences. We just need to fit the WH question words with our need. If we have the positive sentences , then it’ll be easy for us to form the questions. Commonly , we make a question according to the answer we need. 

WH Question Words and Their Functions

Question Word Function Example
What asking for information about something. What is your name?
asking for confirmation or repetition. What? I don’t get it.
You say what?
asking for a reason. What did you cut that paper for?
When asking about time. When will we go?
Where asking about position , location , or place. Where do you live?
Which asking about choice. Which type do you like?
Who asking about the subject. Who will go there?
Whom asking about the object. Whom did you see?
Whose asking about ownership. Whose are these books?
Why asking for reason. Why do you close that door?
making a suggestion. Why don’t you meet her?
How asking about manner. How does this work?
asking about condition or quality. How is your grandfather?
asking about extent or degree. How old are you?

Example :

Use the right word.

  1. …….. your chair ? (Whose , Where’s)
    ans : Where’s your chair?
  2. …….. this? This is a book. (What’s , Whose)
    ans : What’s this? This is a book.
  3. …….. the taxi? It is there. (Where’s What’s)
    ans : Where’s the taxi? It is there.
  4. …….. book is this? (Whose , Where’s)
    ans : Whose book is this?
  5. …….. time is it? (Where’s , What)
    ans : What time is it?

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