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Recycle fabric items as cushion cover stuffing

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Recycle fabric items as cushion cover stuffing


A couple of months ago I bought two lovely cushion covers from Mora Approved. The same Mora Approved where I bought O.’s By Nord deer duvet cover. I just love that shop – they sell only pretty things.

Anyway, the covers turned out to be too big for my inner cushions and looked baggy on them. I was almost about to buy bigger cushions, feeling all guilty about the existing ones being wasted. I had just recently bought those, after all…

Fortunately I then remembered a trick a good friend once told me. You don’t really need inner cushions to fill cushion covers, you can just reuse old clothes, bed linen, fabric pieces, rags etc. And in this case I didn’t even need to fill the whole cover but just the empty baggy parts around the existing cushions.

I had just what I needed. In one cushion cover I used a bed sheet that is too small for our bed and had just been sitting in the cupboard unused. The other one got O.’s old blankie that’s not in a very presentable condition any more. I wrapped these around the existing cushions and pulled my old t-shirts (it was about time these two found their way out of my wardrobe) over these “packages” to make it easier to get them in the covers.

And you know what’s especially cool about this? One day when I need the bed sheet again I can just take it out. Then the cushion cover has also served as a very clever storage place for it. Although I suspect that when using it for storing clothes that you might need again some day (e.g. children’s clothes waiting for the younger sibling to grow older), some wear and tear might be expected.

Fill a whole cushion cover with recycled fabric material, and you have:

  • done a good thing for the environment (less consumption, reusing)
  • got some more room in your cupboard
  • saved money on buying new cushions

It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

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