Model Soal Sbmptn Infinitive Dan Gerund

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  1. It was difficult for the university students ……… themselves to their new environment.
    A. Being adapted
    B. They adapt
    C. To adapt
    D. Adapted
    E. Adapt
  2. In the last time few years many people have taken up …….. as regular sport.
    A. To be cycling D. Cycling
    B. They cycle E. Cycle
    C. To cycle
  3. When tourist arrive in a new city , they often have trouble deciding what to see and how …….. there.
    A. Will they get D. Getting
    B. They get E. Get
    C. To get
  4. Rani declined the offer of ……. to Singapore’s a representative of our company.
    A. Being transferred D. Be transferred
    B. Be transferred E. To transfer
    C. Is transferred
  5. X : “What are you planning to do with all these paintings?”
    Y : “…….. them in the cultural center next month.”
    A. To be exhibiting D. Will exhibit
    B. Be exhibiting E. To exhibit
    C. We exhibit
  6. The acids , salts , and vitamins that fruits furnish are very helpful …… a balanced and healthful diet.
    A. For keeping D. Keeping
    B. To keep E. Kept
    C. They keep
  7. X : “Why are you so late?”
    Y : “We had to stop on the way …….. some gasoline.”

    Bacaan Lainnya
    A. We had to buy D. To buy
    B. We bought E. Buying
    C. Buy
  8. X : “Do you really want to buy this old crumbling house?”
    Y : “Yes , we know the house needs ……… but we love the surroundings.”
    A. To be repairing D. Repairing
    B. Be repaired E. Repaired
    C. To repair
  9. X : “Have you told your duduk problem to the supervisor?”
    Y : “No , he was too busy …….. to me yesterday.”
    A. For talking D. Talking
    B. He didn’t talk E. Talk
    C. To talking
  10. The fact that he was put into prison for something he had not done made his wife …….
    A. To be crying D. Cried
    B. Crying E. Cry
    C. To cry
  11. X : “Where is Reza?”
    Y : “Oh , I completely forget …… him.”
    A. Not to invite D. inviting
    B. Not inviting E. invite
    C. To invite
  12. X : “What did Kevin promise you yesterday?”
    Y : “……. together in library.”
    A. To study D. Studied
    B. We study E. Be studied
    C. Studying
  13. Being lost , the tourist stopped ……. at his map for the place they wanted to visit.
    A. Was looking D. Looking
    B. He looked E. To look
    C. Looked
  14. The children enjoy playing on the beach and …..
    A. They are swimming in the ocean
    B. To be swimming in the ocean
    C. Swimming in the ocean
    D. To swim in the ocean
    E. Swim in the ocean
  15. X : “Why do you have to stay at home tomorrow?”
    Y : “……. my little brother.”
    A. I will take care of
    B. For taking care of
    C. To take care of
    D. Taking care of
    E. Takes care of
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