Kumpulan Versi Soal Sbmptn Wacana Noun Clause

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  1. X : “What is the most worrying effect of the economic crisis?”
    Y : “_____ children are deprived of nutritious food necessary for their physical and intellectual development.”
    A. That
    B. Why
    C. What
    D. Which
    E. When
  2. X : “Have you seen Pak Bardo about our proposal?” 
    Y : “Yes , I have and I asked him ____.”
    A. Whether our proposed anggaran was feasible
    B. Was our proposed anggaran feasible?
    C. Whether our proposed anggaran feasible
    D. How feasible was our budget
    E. Our proposed anggaran was feasible
  3. ____ is along holiday after passing your exam.
    A. What you need
    B. You need
    C. It is needed
    D. Whether you need
    E. Why you need
  4. Do all citizens know ____ ?
    A. What their rights are
    B. What are the rights
    C. What rights are theirs
    D. Their rights , what are they
    E. About what are their rights
  5. X : “How could July afford to go abroad at least twice a year?”
    Y : “I am also wondering ____.”
    A. How she earns her living
    B. Does she earn living
    C. What she was earning a living for
    D. What does she earn her living
    E. That she has earned her living
    model soal sbmptn tentang noun clause
  6. X : “You look worried. What’s the matter?”
    Y : “I don’t know ____.”

    Bacaan Lainnya
    A. Where did I leave my car keys
    B. When my car keys are left
    C. Where I left my car keys
    D. When did I leave my car keys
    E. Where are my car keys
  7. I don’t remember ____ last year.
    A. What I gave her for her birthday
    B. What did I give her for her birthday
    C. Her birthday what I did give her
    D. I gave her what for her birthday
    E. What for her birthday I gave her
  8. ____ is not yet known.
    A. Whether he is involved in trade of narcotics
    B. When he is involved in trade of narcotics
    C. Why he is involved in the trade of narcotics
    D. He is involved in the trade of narcotics
    E. Can he be involved in the trade of narcotics
  9. I asked John Legend ____
    A. Where he came from
    B. Where did he come from?
    C. From where was he coming?
    D. From which he come?
    E. From where is he?
  10. It is known ____ solar energy can be used to generate electricity.
    A. That D. What
    B. Whether E. In fact
    C. In case
  11. Would you please call me _____?
    A. When the books we ordered have arrived
    B. Whether the books we ordered have arrived
    C. That books we ordered have arrived
    D. When have the books we ordered arrived
    E. Where the books we ordered arrived
  12. X : “What do the reporters usually ask the authorities nowadays?”
    Y : “____ Indonesia will soon be able to overcome the economic problems very soon.”
    A. Wheter D. About which
    B. In case E. Which
    C. Whom
  13. ____ annoys her teacher very much.
    A. That Dea always comes late
    B. Dea always comes late
    C. If Dea always come late
    D. Whether Dea always late
    E. Why does Dea always come late
  14. Since the tourist had a map , he know ____.
    A. Was the bus terminal there
    B. The bus terminal was where
    C. Where the bus terminal was
    D. Whether the bus terminal was there
    E. Where was the bus terminal
  15. The tourist asked me ____.
    A. Where the nearest bank is
    B. The nearest bank
    C. Where is the nearest bank
    D. That is the nearest bank
    E. Which the nearest bank is
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