Kumpulan Versi Soal Sbmptn Bahasa Inggris Wacana Modals

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  1. X : “Does Dewa know that Mika had an accident yesterday?”
    Y : “I don’t think so. We ____ as soon as we knew it.”

    A. Should have told him
    B. May have told him
    C. Had to tell him
    D. Must have told him
    E. Had better tell him
  2. X : “When I arrived at his office at 3.00 p.m , Indra was not there.”
    Y : “Well , he ____ early.”

    A. Should go home
    B. Might go home
    C. Had better go home
    D. Must have gone home
    E. Would have gone home
  3. They should have got out their houses when the fire was spreading to their neighbor’s house.
    From the sentence above , we may conclude that ____.

    A. They succeeded is escaping from the fire
    B. Their neighbor’s house was not on fire
    C. They go out their house on time
    D. The fire didn’t reach the house
    E. They got trapped in the fire
  4. X : “I called him several times yesterday but there was no answer.”
    Y : “He ____ out of town.”

    A. Might have been
    B. Should have been
    C. Would rather be
    D. Had better be
    E. Would have been
  5. He told me a lot about the Mexicans. He ____ there for along time.
    A. Ought to have lived
    B. Would have lived
    C. Should be living
    D. Must have lived
    E. Might be living
    soal sbmptn bahasa inggris wacana modals
  6. X : “Kate went to school though she was sick.”
    Y : “She ____ in bed to have a rest.”

    A. Should have stayed
    B. Should stay
    C. Must have stayed
    D. Would be staying
    E. Must be staying
  7. X : “Was John accepted at Astra?”
    Y : “He might have been; I haven’t seen him around for some time.”
    From the dialogue above , we may conclude that John ____.

    A. Was probably accepted
    B. Was certainly accepted
    C. Refuses to work for Astra
    D. Is not working for Astra
    E. Is still unemployed
  8. X : “I wonder where my reading glasses are. Have you seen them?”
    Y : “No , I haven’t. You ____ left them in the office.”

    A. Should be having
    B. Must be having
    C. Should have
    D. Ought to have
    E. Cold have
  9. “Your son will be operated on tomorrow morning”
    “He _____ have a good rest tonight ,” the doctor said.

    A. Might D. May
    B. Must E. Can
    C. Would rather
  10. X : “He looked very upset after the exam.”
    Y : “It _____ the most difficult exam for him compared with the other he had taken before.”

    A. Should have been
    B. Must have been
    C. Ought to be
    D. Would be
    E. Might be
  11. Andrew is usually punctual , but we have been waiting for him for an hour now; he ____ in the traffic jam.
    A. Had better not be trapped
    B. May have been trapped
    C. Used to be trapped
    D. Should be trapped
    E. Must be trapped
  12. X : “Why weren’t you at Demi’s birthday party last night?”
    Y : “Oh , I ____ overtime.”

    A. Ought to have worked
    B. Must have worked
    C. Should work
    D. Had to work
    E. Must work
  13. X : “It was a long and tiring flight from London.”
    Y : “Well , let me show you to your room then; you ____ by now.”

    A. Would be exhausted
    B. Could be exhausted
    C. Might be exhausted
    D. Must be exhausted
    E. Can be exhausted
  14. X : “I wonder why Pink has not contacted me so long.”
    Y : “She ____ busy looking after her baby , because her baby sitter has resigned.”

    A. Should have been
    B. Might have been
    C. Must have been
    D. Has to be
    E. Must be
  15. X : “What should the country do to maintain self-sufficiency in rice?”
    Y : “It ____ double its rice production.”

    A. Had to D. Must
    B. Could E. Will
    C. Would
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