Conjunctions And Their Uses

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Conjunctions are words that have important function for constructing sentences. Using different conjunctions in a sentence can give different meaning. So , it is important to us to use the correct conjunction. To choose the correct one , we must know their correct use and how to use them in sentence.

Therefore , in this section we will study about some conjunctions and their correct use. To make it easier , we will clasify conjunctions according to their type. In general , there are three types of conjunctions. They are the coordinating conjunctions , the subordinating conjunctions , and correlative conjunctions

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Coordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions are words that are used to link two words or phrases that are equally important and they complete each other. In general , there are seven coordinating conjunctions. We can call them “FANBOYS” to memorize them.
Fanboys Function Example
For Reason I go to my grandmother’s home , for I miss her so much.
And Add equal thing Before sleeping , I close the door and wash my face.
Nor Alternative He is neither rich nor wise.
But Contrast He’s been doing his homework all night long , but he looks fresh.
Or Alternative You may choose this book or that one.
Yet Contrast I love chocolate , yet I do not eat chocolate ice cream.
So Consequence She did her homework well , so now she get A.

Subordinating Conjunctions 

Subordinating conjunctions are words that are used to join a subordinate dependent clause to a main clause. Subordinating conjunctions are the most difficult to recognized , but we can master them by example. They usually come at the beginning of the subordinate clause.
Conjunction Example
After You’ll know the truth after you’ve tried this.
Although Although She has work hard , she didn’t get A in math.
As As I go to the village , I bring a reading book to my nephew.
As long as She doesn’t care who you are as long as you love her.
Because I got A in Math because I’ve studied hard.
Before Before you go , please close the window.
If  If you go now , you won’t get the part.
Even if Even if you cry in front of me , I won’t forgive you.
Since Since her mom died , She becomes so moody.
Once Once you go , you can’t back.

Other subordinating conjunctions : though , until , when , where , while , now that , etc.

Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions come in pairs. We can use them to constructing sentences. As they come in pairs , we have to use both of them in different places in a sentence to make them work. 
Conjunction Example
Either … or I want either the blue shirt or the red one.
Neither … nor I want neither the blue shirt nor the red one. I want the black one.
Wheter … or I didn’t know wheter you’d want the red pen or the blue one , so I got you both.
Both … and I’ll buy both the blue shirt and the red one.
Not … but I got A in Math because I’ve studied hard.
Not only … but also We need them both , not only a thick paper but also a soft one.
As … as Watching movies isn’t as fun as listening to the music.
Rather … than He’d rather play football than go fishing.
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