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Cheap Pillow Stuffing Materials Is a Major Factor In How It Feels

Cheap Pillow Stuffing Materials – Types of Pillow Stuffing, Discussed. A pillow’s filling is a major factor in how it feels. Find out about the types of stuffing and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Cheap Pillow Stuffing Materials

Cheap Pillow Stuffing Materials Is a Major Factor In How It Feels

Buying a pillow isn’t as easy as it sounds. In truth, your pillow purchase should take right into factor to consider factors such as price, cover material, breathability, loft, fill, and a lot more. 

Pillow stuffing is just like mattress designs – for circumstances, crossbreed, memory foam and innerspring mattresses – in that it is one of one of the most prominent factors in how a pillow feels, that it is appropriate for and how a lot it costs.

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In this article, you will find out about the various types of pillow stuffings available, that each is best for, and how to choose the right pillow stuffing for your body type and individual choices. We also share our picks for the very best cushions sold today.

What Are The Various Types of Pillow Stuffing?

The material a pillow is packed with straight affects how it feels, how a lot it costs and how it influences your health and wellness. Here are one of the most common types of pillow stuffing and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Polyester Fiberfill

Polyester stuffing, or poly-fil, is composed of small, curled polyester fibers that are manufactured. Sometimes described as down alternative, they’re designed to imitate the soft, light-weight high top qualities of down fill. This fill is amongst one of the most affordable stuffing types and can be used inside your home and outdoors. Polyester cushions are also light-weight and easy-to-clean, but they squash and shed their form fairly quickly.


  • More affordable compared to various other types, consisting of authentic down cushions.
  • Appropriate for individuals that experience allergic reactions when subjected to real authentic down.
  • Amongst one of the most affordable pillow stuffing types.


  • Have bad resilience and squash or shed their form with type.
  • Filling globs easily, requiring regular modifications to accomplish a comfy loft.
  • Keeps heat, so you might sleep warm.

Memory Foam

Memory foam cushions are either full of shredded memory foam or have a strong obstruct of memory foam inside that is shaped for convenience. 

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Made with polyurethane and various other elements, memory foam is well-known for its sinking, thick feel that adheres to a sleeper’s going and after that returns to its initial form within a couple of secs. However, it is also known for producing a solid smell, and the off-gassing smell can suffice to earn shoppers with delicate noses want to avoid it entirely.


  • Malleable, thick understanding of great stress alleviation.
  • Doesn’t clump such as polyester fiberfill.
  • Helpful enough for sleepers of all designs, weights, and body types.


  • May have off-gassing and a solid chemical smell.
  • Shredded memory foam keeps heat, however not as a lot strong memory foam obstructs.
  • High price point compared with various other pillow fill types.

Down Feather

A down pillow is full of the plumage of ducks and geese. Sometimes confused with a feather pillow, down cushions must contend the very least 75% down fill and no greater than 25% feather fill. This top quality pillow fill is amongst one of the most expensive pillow fills sold today, and cushions of this type full of pure, white goose down cost $200 or more.


  • Extremely light-weight and malleable beneath a sleeper’s going, which improves overall convenience.
  • Takes in much less body heat compared to various other types, assisting sleepers stay temperature level neutral no matter of the period.
  • Above-average life expectancy, which may help some shoppers validate the financial investment.
  • Down fill has a trademark soft, snuggly, malleable, and luxurious feel that is reminiscent of a luxury resort.


  • One of one of the most expensive pillow fills available today.
  • The framework of the down requires cushions full of it to be fluffed on a routine basis.
  • Down may cause an allergy for some sleepers.
  • May not be helpful enough for heavyweight sleepers.

Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat hulls are a pillow stuffing type made from the external covering of buckwheat bits. When used as a pillow filling, 5 to 10 extra pounds of buckwheat hulls typically fill each pillow. 

Buckwheat hulls are known for resting cool and conforming to the going of the sleeper. They provide a nice mix of suppleness and malleability, which makes them a nice in shape for most resting designs and great cushions for mix sleepers.


  • Longer-than-average life expectancy.
  • Air flow in between the coverings advertises breathability.
  • One of one of the most helpful pillow fill types for the going and neck.


  • You might listen to a rustling sound when moving settings on the pillow.
  • Weigh and challenging to move, evaluating up to 10 extra pounds for a standard pillow.
  • Buckwheat hulls do not break down a lot under stress, so they may feel too firm for some.


100% cotton fabric is a readily available, breathable and comfy filling that can be found in natural and raw ranges or combined with shredded polyester. Cotton is soft to the touch, production it easy to deal with, and it is also normally hypoallergenic. It is a little more firm compared to polyfill, production it a great choice for individuals that want a middle-of-the-road price point with more resilience.


  • When all-natural and natural, it is free of possibly hazardous materials found in artificial foam cushions.
  • Normally breathable, assisting sleepers stay cool.
  • Normally hypoallergenic.
  • Widely comfy feel that individuals find it easy to sleep on.


  • Fibers of cotton may clump with each other in time.
  • The filling may need to be changed more often compared to various other types.
  • Can help all sleeper types, but it is best for side sleepers.


Or else known as Ceiba Pentandra, Kapok is a tree found in Mexico that creates blossoms with a cotton-like, fluffy feel. As a all-natural fiber, Kapok fill is 100% all-natural and natural, production it a great choice for individuals with allergic reactions or that are conscious scents.


  • Free of possibly harmful materials.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • The soft structure imitates the feel of foam and down cushions


  • Not as commonly available as various other filling types.
  • Very flammable.
  • Quickly establishes swellings and is not as malleable as foam or polyfill.

Pillow Stuffing Buying Guide

The right pillow plays an important role in your overall sleep quality. Also if you are not purchasing bed cushions and are looking for a pillow or DIY pillow fill for bean bag chairs, a pouf, or toss cushions, material structure is one of the essential factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one.

What is Your Budget?

Whether you are purchasing pillow fill for a DIY home decor project (stuffing cushions by yourself) or simply informing on your own about the best new cushions out there, it can be helpful to understand that pillow fill is very closely connected to pillow price.

Polyester and down alternative-filled cushions have the tendency to be one of the most affordable. Buckwheat cushions, memory foam cushions, and latex cushions have a moderate price point, and natural cushions and genuine down cushions have the tendency to be one of the most expensive options.

What Type of Pillow are You Purchasing or Refilling?

Are you purchasing a toss pillow? A new pillow for your bedroom? Refilling your couch pillows? The type of pillow you are functioning with will have an effect on the fill that is right for you.

Unless you experience from allergic reactions, most toss cushions should be full of a blend of down and feathers. This produces an accommodating, fluffy structure and feels better compared to a foam place. Outside pillows should be full of a weather-proof filling and protected in outdoor-friendly furniture. Finally, your resting pillow fill should be determined by your individual choices: for circumstances, your resting position, budget, and how you had prefer to wash your pillow. Find out more about bed cushions in our Best Cushions Guide.

How A lot Stuffing Do You Need?

If you are refilling a pillow or producing a DIY pillow in your home, one of the most considerable choice you will make is the material you want. Next, you will need to decide how a lot stuffing you need. Stuffing is usually sold by the extra pound, but some options are sold by the gram. Choose your stuffing quantity based upon how many cushions you plan to fill or replenish.

Whether you are purchasing a new pillow or taking a breath new life right into one you’ve had for many years, understanding the types of pillow stuffing available is necessary to choosing the right pillow for your bed, living-room or patio. By considering the best material for your budget, individual choices, and the function of the pillow, you are more most likely to choose the best pillow stuffing for the project.

A Couple of of Our Faves

Initial Casper Pillow—This down-alternative pillow is sold by online bed-in-a-box brand name Casper, and it has an innovative pillow-in-pillow design. The internal pillow place provides support for the going and neck, while the external pillow and breathable cotton pillow cover provide a plush cushion for convenience.

Read our Casper pillow review to learn more.

Purple Pillow—This pillow, made with Purple’s exclusive polymer grid, comes with adjustable-height inserts for adjustable pillow elevation. It also comes with a 100-night sleep test.

Inspect out our Purple pillow review to find out more.

Brooklyn Bedding Aerated Memory Foam Pillow—This affordable pillow is made with a strong obstruct of aerated memory foam, so it combines contouring convenience and breathability, which is usually a problem for this fill type. It also has a spherical side design, so it has the traditional appearance of down and feather cushions when propped up on your bed.

Pacific Coast Double DownAround Pillow—This genuine down pillow comes in 3 suppleness degrees (Soft, Medium, and Firm) and has a pillow-in-pillow design; the internal pillow features Resilia feathers and the external pillow has 550 fill power. Pacific Coast’s hot seller, the Double DownAround has a 100% cotton cover for breathability, comes with a 3-year warranty and is available on

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