Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas

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Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas – When you’re looking for a Houston car accident lawyer on your mobile phone, you’re visiting several options for lawyers throughout the Specify of Texas. When deciding which lawyer suits your needs, the first point to think about is your rights as an auto injury sufferer.

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Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas

Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas
Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas

Texas is a “fault” car insurance specify, which means if you remained in a car accident that had not been your fault, the chauffeur that triggered your crash is typically considered responsible for paying your problems. That means in most situations, if you were injured in a car accident because of the carelessness of another person, you should be qualified to compensation.

Texas requires all drivers to carry car insurance with minimal quantities of liability coverage – giving you a couple of various options to recuperate compensation if you sustain an injury in a crash that had not been your fault. These options consist of:

Filing an insurance claim versus the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage

Filing an insurance claim with your own insurance company

Pursuing a suit versus the at-fault chauffeur

It is important to keep in mind that under the state’s relative carelessness laws, if you are found to be partly at-fault for your car accident, after that your compensation can be decreased by the portion of fault you are designated for the crash.

For instance, let’s say you are granted $50,000 for your problems but found to be 10 percent at-fault for the crash and your injuries since you were speeding up. In this situation, your compensation would certainly be decreased by 10 percent ($5,000) and your honor would certainly be $45,000. 

It is important to keep in mind that to recuperate problems from another chauffeur, a plaintiff’s carelessness must not be higher than that of the accused.

1. Smith & Hassler Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas

If you were injured in a Texas crash that had not been your fault, let our Houston car accident lawyers handle your situation and fight to obtain you the compensation you need and deserve. 

Knowing what your rights want a car accident and attempting to determine how a lot your claim deserves can be frustrating in the consequences of a major crash, but you do not need to decrease this roadway alone. 

Smith & Hassler has more than thirty years of experience obtaining outcomes for customers in Houston and is ready to assist you maximize the worth of your claim.

Costs after a car accident can stack up quickly, but if you didn’t do anything to cause your crash, you should not need to spend for someone else’s careless mistakes. 

Sadly, a great deal of crash victims wind up having actually a difficult time attempting to recuperate compensation for their problems. That is because insurance provider are well-known for production lowball negotiation offers, or even worse yet, criticizing the whole accident on you.

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What should I do after a car accident?

If you are associated with a car accident, do your best to remain calm so you can evaluate the circumstance. After that, you should:

  1. Remain on scene and call 911. If anybody is injured and needs emergency situation clinical attention, ask the dispatcher to send out an rescue. Or else, let them know you remained in an accident and wait on the investigating policeman to show up. If you’re associated with a hit-and-run accident, which sometimes occurs with without insurance drivers, don’t attempt to follow or chase after after the various other chauffeur. Call the authorities right away and provide a summary of the vehicle, chauffeur, and what instructions they were going, if you’re able to.
  2. Trade information with everybody associated with the crash. Obtain their name, address, telecontact number, license plate number, and insurance information. Don’t discuss the car accident or suggest about who’s at fault.
  3. Take a great deal of photos of the crash scene. Remember to consist of damage to every vehicle – not simply your own – and remember to take pictures of any noticeable injuries.
  4. If anybody witnessed your accident, see if they’re ready to give you their name and contact information. Witness statement can be a crucial item of proof when determining fault.
  5. Jot down the information of your crash. Before your memory discolors, keep in mind the moment and place of your accident, weather, roadway hazards, building, and other appropriate information.
  6. See a physician. Within 24 hrs of your crash, you should obtain analyzed by a certified doctor. Also if you aren’t experiencing any visible discomfort or signs, you might have a major injury and not recognize it. Injuries such as whiplash, a concussion or a terrible mind injury
  7. Inform your insurance company. Inform them you remained in a car accident but don’t enter into too a lot information. Maintain your remarks short and simply provide the basic facts.
  8. Call a car accident lawyer to review the information of your situation. Discuss what happened and learn what lawful options are available to you. You can typically do this at no charge, as most individual injury law practice offer a free consultation.
  9. Do not speak with the various other driver’s insurance company. If they request a tape-taped declaration, nicely decrease, and refer them for your attorney. Don’t enter into a conversation about fault or injuries. Anything you say could be used later on to challenge or reject your claim.

2. Charles J. Argento & Associates primary concern – Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas

As your Houston, Texas car accident attorney, we’ll take the lead in talking with the irresponsible chauffeur that triggered your car crash and injuries and their insurance provider, so you never ever need to worry about being controlled by their representatives. We’ll also protect your clinical documents, so the insurance company just has access to the information that’s appropriate for your car accident.

Our Houston auto accident lawyer will provide the lawful depiction you need to pursue an effective monetary result, so you can concentrate on obtaining the healthcare you need to obtain your life back on the right track.

Houston car accident lawyer Charles J. Argento has developed a reputation in Texas for individual solution and effective outcomes in behalf of ALL Texas customers looking for a damages negotiation in specify or government court after a major car crash.

3. Charles J. Argento & Associates – Car Accident Attorney Houston Texas


  • Auto Accidents
  • Faulty Items
  • Clinical Device Suit
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Intoxicated Driving Accidents
  • Wrongful Fatality
  • Clinical Malpractice
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Facilities Liability


The law of restrictions for filing an insurance claim for compensation occurring from someone’s fault or carelessness in the specify of Texas is typically 2 years.

In Simple City, the accident law practice of Charles J. Argento & Associates has greater than thirty years of experience in auto accidents, assisting customers obtain the maximum total up to which they are qualified. We also handle various other individual injury situations such as item liability, clinical malpractice, and harmful torts.

We welcome you to contact us today at (713) 766-4504 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your accident injury.


What is the average negotiation for a car accident in Texas?

The quantity of compensation you will be qualified to recuperate for your car accident will depend upon the specific information of your situation, consisting of the seriousness of your injuries and the overall impact the crash has had on your life.

Generally, if you were injured in a car accident that had not been your fault you might be qualified to compensation for:

  • Property Damage
  • Clinical Costs
  • Shed Salaries
  • Loss of Making Capacity
  • Substitute Solutions
  • Discomfort and Experiencing


Rear-end accidents are some of one of the most common kinds of car accidents on our Texas streets. Often described as fender-benders, the presumption is that the accident isn’t major which the collision has triggered absolutely nothing greater than a traffic snarl.

Sadly, absolutely nothing could be further from the reality. Also when a irresponsible chauffeur collides with the vehicle before them at a reduced rate of speed, the injuries can be serious.

Whiplash, going injuries, and neck and spinal injuries can require lengthy or life-long treatment that leads to expensive clinical expenses, time far from work, and also brief or long-lasting impairments.

The bigger question becomes, that is mosting likely to spend for these costs? How are you mosting likely to recuperate fully, when the accident wasn’t your fault?

In Texas, there is a presumption that if you obtain rear-ended, where a car strikes you from behind, the individual that hit you goes to fault for the collision. The reality is that’s not constantly real.

Before Charles J. Argento & Associates can produce a strong Houston auto accident situation versus the individual that triggered your injuries, we must have the ability to show several factors.

They consist of:

  • That the chauffeur was irresponsible in their procedure of a car
  • That their irresponsible triggered the accident
  • That the accident led to your injuries
  • That there are problems from those injuries, consisting of clinical costs, shed salaries, and property damage

Texas streets threaten and are regularly placed amongst the country’s 20 most traffic-congested cities. When carelessness is included to currently unstable traffic patterns, individuals are seriously injured consequently.

When they are, our Houston car accident attorney will provide a tactical approach to providing outcomes for our clients’ unique needs, so they can face their injuries with self-confidence.

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